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About us

Sky Sportswear (SSW) first opened its doors during the year of 1975. Ho Am and Mi Young, the owners of SSW, decided to open up a garment store because they had great interest in displaying their artwork on apparels. Their first milestone was purchasing a screen printing machine. As customers saw their artwork, many stopped by and requested to have their own custom art printed on apparels and accessories. Being reluctant at first, they finally gave in after numerous requests.

SSW delivered their best products with each and every order, which were apparent in the excitement and gratitude given from their customers. The customers’ responses gave SSW the confirmation that they had found their calling.

Ho Am and Mi Young worked hard to not only invest in a bigger screen printing machine, but also an embroidery machine. Since then, they completed orders of over hundreds, even thousands of custom screen printing and embroideries for artists, clothing brands, schools, and businesses.

30 years later, they are still going strong.