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Design and Print Your Own Sweatpants

Sky Sportswear is known for its quality sports apparel. But we go a step further in our commitment to customer satisfaction: you can decorate your sweatpants no matter what design you prefer printed or embroidered. We offer in-house embroidery, direct to garment, silk screen printing services. Our friendly team of experts will help you determine which kind of decoration method will best suit your specific preference. Why purchase generic sweatpants from a store when you can own a unique pair that you designed yourself? You will never end up in an awkward situation when someone walks in wearing pants just like yours, because your pair will be one of a kind. There are no minimums on any orders which means that you can design just one pair of sweatpants and order it.

You do not have to pay any set up fees or provide any equipment: all you need to do is simply browse our extensive selection of sportswear, pick items you like, decorate them using our convenient online tool – and that is it. If you cannot think of any specific designs you want printed on your items, this is not a problem as we have plenty of beautiful design templates which you can use free of charge.

You can also order coordinated outfits for your event or your team: we have every single item on our online catalog which is hard to find anywhere else. Browse jackets, t-shirts, polo shirts, hats, caps, sweatpants, jackets and design it the way you like. We have all women, men, children and toddler sizes to choose from so we are your one-stop shop for any design-your-own needs.

How To Design Your Own Sweatpants?

Here at Sky Sportswear we make it really simple. Choose any pair of sweatpants you like, decorate it using our online design tool and you are done. There are couple of decoration options you can use.

You can get your favorite design embroidered. Embroidery is long-lasting, durable and when done right always looks neat and interesting on any garment. We offer first-class in-house embroidery services and use cutting-edge technology so you will be very pleased with the result.

Direct to garment printing (DTG) is the latest technique used to decorate garments. The ink blends with the material fibers which leaves the print very durable and soft to touch and your sweatpants will be no exception. You can print anything using this method: photo, text or your own design. There are so many creative ways for you to position your favorite design on your sweatpants: across, at the back, on top just to think of a few.

Silk screen printing is one of the earliest methods known for decorating any garment. The print on your sweatpants will have that classic look and feel and as we use the latest technologies in screen printing it will be very long-lasting. To create a silkscreen design experts first create one screen for one color. Then when the ink is pressed it creates a negative image. It takes many years of practice to create quality silk screen design. Sky Sportswear is proud to offer the best silk screen services: we have world-class equipment, the highest quality ink and of course the expertise of our team.

And do not forget to get a matching shirt and jacket to go with your sweatpants which you can of course design and decorate yourself.